The Power Five and the Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

So, my mischievous apprentice put forth her will into the universe, and thought that someone should put the names of the Power Five into the song Feel Good Hit Of The Summer by Queens of the Stone Age. And the universe listened. It spat forth the following:

HAI2U, Lemonparty, Meatspin, tub girl, 4 down of the power five – Go go go go go goat-se.

As I am sure you no doubt recall, the original lyrics are :
Nicotine,Valium,Vicodin,marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol – Co co co co co cocaine.

I think that you can tell something about a person’s length of time living on the Internet by which name they refer to the image known as tub girl. I always knew it as “fecal Japan” when I first encountered it. The signifier changes, but the signified remains the same, retaining all of its august dignity and gravitas.