Who’s Responsible for this Outrage?

The author
In most of my online, esoteric, and artistic endeavors, I use the pseudonym Vargr. This is an Old Norse word with a complex English translation. It means both wolf and outlaw. It indicates someone who is outside the bounds of normal society, especially its morality. Incidentally, to prevent the recurrence of past misconceptions, I am not a lycanthrope, a furry, a Scandinavian rock star, or a Traveller enthusiast. I was once declared an outlaw by the Gothi of the Dragon’s Hearth Kindred, so at least I do come by the moniker in the traditional way.

By profession I am a data engineer. I design and build databases and the means by which data flows into and out of them. I’m also an author, leatherworker, researcher, body art lover, and practicing sorcerer. I have a profound interest in information itself, the processes by which matter and consciousness emerge from it, and the possibility that directed intent can exert some degree of control over this emergence.

This site is an amorphous experiment in self-expression, as well as a vector for disseminating nefarious memes. I believe that the world of consensus reality that is experienced by billions of people every day is a mass fabrication. I want to help others find their own analytical tools so that they can at least entertain this notion themselves, and hopefully begin to manipulate their own corner of this reality to their own best interests.

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