What is SpikeVision?

Finest handcrafted esoterica since 1997.

SpikeVision is the ability to see with penetrating insight through the veil of mundanities that drag life down to the lowest common denominator. It pierces the fog of hysterical mob-based belief systems and dogma. It drills through the patina of the new, improved world promised by the mass media. It penetrates all chicanery and obfuscation. It’s not cynicism, it’s the willingness to accept the idea that this world is fundamentally and deeply flawed, and that most people seem not to notice or care.

Snatch back your brain, zombie! Snatch it back and hold it
– J-Bone, Johnny Mnemonic

One problem that much of society is now facing is overload. An overwhelming amount of information bombards us every day, much of it specifically constructed to influence our thoughts and actions. The human psyche is not equipped to cope with this. Our evolution as a species is far slower than the rate of technological and cultural change around us. New systems of thought must be created as old ones fail. New methods must be created to help us filter and assimilate this vast onslaught of data. Only by understanding the forces that are invading and manipulating our mental environment can we defend and reclaim the most valuable resource we hold, the control and ownership of our own minds.

In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind, there are no limits.
– John C. Lilly

The intent of SpikeVision is to provide a starting point for those interested in developing their own system for understanding and manipulating the consensus reality that we live in. It is the repository of my essays and articles from diverse areas of interest. Some of these may develop into longer works. It has been known to happen.