Vargr23’s Sorcery and Chaos Magic Reading List

I was asked to create a list of resources intended to take someone from “interested” to conversant and proficient in the practice of basic techniques of Western sorcery and Chaos Magic. This is not a list ranked by preference, rather the works are intended to be read in the order listed, or close to it. There are certainly many other good works on the topic, but I have read each of these, and I obviously can’t recommend a work that I haven’t read. This list will expand as I read new works and deem them appropriate for inclusion. One might consider it sketchy to include my own works in this list, but if I didn’t think they were worthwhile, I wouldn’t have.

Principia Chaotica (essay) – Peter Carroll
The Temporary Autonomous Zone – Hakim Bey Sections: Chaos, Sorcery
Understanding Chaos Magic – Jaq Hawkins
Pop Magic (essay) – Grant Morrison
Condensed Chaos – Phil Hine
The Psychonaut Field Manual – Arch-Traitor Bluefluke
Sigils Servitors and Godforms parts 1 and 2 (essay) – Marik
The Book of Results – Ray Sherwin
Liber Null and Psychonaut – Peter Carroll
Practical Sigil Magic – Frater U.D.
Prime Chaos – Phil Hine
Chaonomicon – Jaq Hawkins
Chaotopia – Dave Lee
Postmodern Magic – Patrick Dunn
Quantum Sorcery – Dave Smith
The Paradigmal Pirate – Joshua Wetzel
Advanced Magick for Beginners – Alan Chapman
Visual Magick – Jan Fries
The Book of Pleasure – A.O. Spare
SSOTBME – Ramsey Dukes
The Apophenion: A Chaos Magick Paradigm – Peter J. Carroll
Liber Kaos – Peter Carroll
Six Ways – Aidan Wachter
Voidworking – Dave Smith
Stealing the Fire from Heaven – Stephen Mace
Chaos Monkey – Jaq Hawkins
Pop Culture Magick – Taylor Ellwood
Sorcery – J. Finley Hurley
PsyberMagick – Peter Carroll
Hands on Chaos Magic – Andrieh Vitimus
The Sorcerer’s Shadow: Volume 1 – The Sorcerer’s Guild
Liber LS – Alexander Hoffman (ed.)
The DKMU Egregores – DKMU
Grey Book – TOPY