My second book, Voidworking: Practical Sorcery from Primordial Nothingness is now available from Megalithica Books at www.voidworking.com.

Voidworking is a system of practical sorcery that draws upon the primordial state of being as a source of power and inspiration for performing acts of Will.  This work examines various conceptions of the Void, from ancient religion to modern pop culture to gain a better understanding of how this realm of limitless potential can be embraced rather than feared. Magical techniques, including binding, banishing, evocation, scrying, and others are described that tap into a largely overlooked wellspring of energy that has long been thought to be the purview of divinity. A discussion of ritual tools and practices relevant to the Void is accompanied by meditation practices intended to lessen the intensity of the spurious boundary between the self and the greater Universe. These techniques may be used as a complete magical system on their own or incorporated into your own personal paradigm or practice. Through these methods, something can be made from nothing, and order brought forth from disorder.