From the Vaults: The Lesser Banishing of B.B.C.

I’ve been reading a great deal about pop magick lately. Richard Metzger’s Book of Lies from Disinformation press brought the topic up with me, and my subsequent readings of Grant Morrison’s writings have kept it active in my thoughts. I realized at some point in my reading that I had been employing a bit of pop magick myself for a number of years.

“Bitch, be cool!”

This magnificently concise and easy to comprehend command was spoken by Jules Winnfield (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) in the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction.

It is also incredibly effective as a minor banishing. Take few moments of deep breathing to focus Chi, then speak the phrase in a short, sharp, directed burst of energy in the direction (if possible) of whatever it is that you wish to effect. Minor annoyances will abate completely, and greater manifestations will “dim their fire” and tend to leave off whatever it was that was vexing you

You might think this is a joke. It certainly reads like it could be, doesn’t it? But it’s not. It works. Whether the entities that it effects are real, and the focus and intent of your Will is assaulting them, or they are imagined, and the result is achieved simply by centering and focusing is irrelevant. Either way, you will be left in a better state of mind, and the resultant irony of having just used a piece of action film dialogue as an incantation will redirect your ambient mindset.