The Projection of Intent

The encoding of intent is an informational package created by the magician via any number of means, such as sigilization or ritual. At the moment of the launch of this intent packet, it is sent out like a spherical expanding shockwave, travelling at the speed of thought. This can be envisioned like a ripple in a pond, but in three dimensions. As this wave interacts with the larger Universe in which it is contained, it interferes with the information state of every point it encounters, and alters them in accordance with the magician’s Will. As is the way with all such emanations, the signal strength of this wave will decrease, but the actual intent to cause change does not.

Conceptually, the information packet is analogous to any other bolus of information that is to be transmitted in a conventional system. It consists of a set of instructions as to how reality should rearrange itself to traverse from its present state to the desired end state. In this way, it is like a piece of RNA, or even a virus. Since we as mere mortals do not know the opcodes by which the Universe carries out the process of instantiating, we must rely on the emergent nature of the whole, and use the inherent mechanism to carry our Will into being. For whatever reason, the arrow of time advances, entropy increases, and change occurs. Through the projection of intent, aka Magic, one can exert some miniscule influence on the end result of this nascent present.