Death and Rebirth in the Time of Enu and Nul

Altar for the Evocation of Enu and Nul

It is said that the twin DKMU egregores of Enu and Nul are the harbingers of rebirth and renewal. For the new self to be born, the old one must die, at least metaphorically. Since I first evoked The Twins on April 23, 2022, I have been undergoing the death of my old form, and the birth of a new one. On the following day, I began to have an acute medical issue that has led to a profound change in the way that I live. Etu Malku, a mage of my acquaintance, gave me good advice: “Use it.” I have chosen to heed this advice. By necessity my diet has had to abruptly change. As of this writing, I have now lost 14 pounds as a result of this and an increased activity level. I am now assessing all of my habits and life structures, to ensure that they are to my best benefit. As I progress into middle age, I feel that it is only appropriate to acknowledge that I am a far different man than I was ten or twenty years ago. 

I have grown intellectually, emotionally, and magically. I have become far more adept at manifesting my Will than I was when I started on this winding path 36 years ago. Each branch of the journey has introduced me to new ideas and techniques that I have either discarded or integrated into my practice as I have seen fit. During this time my body has also accumulated a laundry list of maladies, some due in no small part to the reckless abandon of my youth. Even so, I do not regret the place in my life’s journey where I now find myself. I have a measure of financial security. I have a safe home. I love and am loved by a phenomenal partner with whom I have spent a quarter century. I have succeeded in both my mundane profession, and with my esoteric writing. In this world where we are conditioned to never be satisfied, and to always be striving for more, I am obliged to take a moment to acknowledge my satiety. Even as I must mount an increasingly intensive campaign to maintain my physical integrity, I am at peace with myself. In a world undergoing profound strife and distress on so many levels, I feel a resolve to not just survive, but to thrive.

Following the initial evocation, I performed another working dedicated solely to Nul, the Dark Brother. On April 30th, 2022, the day of the Black Moon as well as a solar eclipse, and a night of profoundly strong thunderstorms, I acknowledged both my physical mortality, and the passage into my new phase of life. On May 16th, 2002, on the following full moon, I performed a second solo evocation, this one to Enu. Following are these evocations:

Nul, Dark brother, emanation of the Void,
I entreat you to guide my path to health and success.
You who are the master of shadows,
Lend your wit to my works and your discernment to my perception.
Hail to the shadow that holds no fear,
But brings only wonder.
Io Nul, Io Nul, Io Nul!

Enu, Light sister, radiance of the full moon,
I entreat you to cast your bright gaze upon my works of Will.
You who are the mistress of light,
Illuminate my path and clear all obstacles from my way.
Hail to the light that burns bright in a darkened world,
And gives hope in the face of dissonance and doubt.
Io Enu, Io Enu, Io Enu!

I am no young man, but I feel a renewed vitality that has greatly helped me during my current state of uncertainty. I know not what is coming down the timestream in the immediate future. Oracles indicate a trying time with a positive outcome. As the saying goes, ad astra per aspera.


If you know, you know.