From the Vaults: Chaos Tickets

This article was originally written on 7/5/2004.

I conceived this idea on 7/2/04, immediately before a local Science Fiction convention. I had been to this con for many years, and it was getting dull. I wanted to introduce a little entropy into the mix to keep it stimulating, yet do no harm to anyone who became involved. I had spent that day reading “Prometheus Rising” by Robert Anton Wilson, and then watching the Disinfocon DVD getting ready for the con.

Suddenly, an Idea struck me. I would create a game. It would be a game which would give me, as well as all of the players, something to do. It would be a little jam that would have the potential to create intrigue. It would also collectively be a collaborative servitor with a 2 day lifespan that would generate a pool of energy that I could use to channel into creating the environment that I wished to have.

I created 45 tickets:

Original Chaos Ticket

I began surreptitiously depositing these tickets in high traffic areas where people would find them. I had no idea what would happen from there. I checked up on most of the locations, and in each case, they had been taken. I got word that at one of the room parties, a well-known English Science Fiction TV actor, currently in his cups at the time, held up a card to a group, and asked “What the fuck is this?” When no one knew, he shrugged, and put it in his pocket. That’s the kind of reaction that I had hoped for.

I must judge this experiment to be a success. This was one of my most enjoyable cons in years. My compatriots have all expressed a similar sentiment. The previously mentioned actor migrated from the party he was at to the one I was hosting, where he proved to be a most engaging and enjoyable guest. Liquor and other delights flowed freely all night, and there was debauchery to boot.

I’ve done two other iterations of Chaos Tickets since the first:

November 2004
July 2005