From the Vaults: The Capsule Talisman

Originally Posted 6/14/2006.

This is a simple talisman that I created out of a short piece of aluminum tubing.

The Process is simple, given the right tools.

Cut a short length of aluminum craft tubing.
Write a statement of intent, sigil, or other magical inscription on a small piece of paper.
Empower the inscription by any preferred means.
Roll up the paper and insert it into the tube.
Crimp the ends of the tube shut by squeezing them in a bench vise or with pliers.
Clean the flattened edges with a file to remove any burrs.
Use a metal punch to make a hole through one end of the capsule.
Use a standard craft/jewelry jump ring to attach the capsule to a chain or thong.
Wear it or give it away.
This same basic design can also be used to enclose herbs, metals, or whatever is desired. The capsule could also be decorated or painted if desired.